The world of a fussy eater!!


My little girl was very unwell recently and because of that I got to see what it would be like to have child that is a very very fussy eater, she basically stopped eating.

Cece usually eats most things, there are few things she will not try, instead she takes them in her hand and plays with them, or bats them away. There are some foods that she also spits out, for example cucumber, I have tried a few times to put it in her sandwiches and she managed to eat the bread but spit the half eaten cucumber back out again, gross but quite skillful.

Anyway since during her illness she did not want to eat anything really, except what she deemed appropriate. Cece has always enjoyed veg, meat and pasta, but everything I gave her like that was out. I tried giving her mashed potato and broccoli and she pushed it away with her hands and cried, I thought maybe she was not hungry but then she demolished in seconds 2 breadsticks. I tried giving her scrambled egg, again she pushed it away but gobbled up a Satsuma. It seemed if she didn’t want to eat it (even if she had not tried it) she would not. She twisted away, pushed the spoon away or just threw the food on the floor. She turned down things she normally likes (bananas, weetabix and one day even bread) but did eat raisins and rice cakes. I know it was because she was ill and so honestly I was thankful when she ate anything but it did make me realise I really don’t want to have a fussy eater, one of those kids who refuses any veg and only eats beige food!!

I have said I am not going to be the kind of mother that if Cece doesn’t like what I cook will then go and make something else, especially if what I made is something she’s had before or not hugely adventurous. If it becomes clear there is one type of food she does not like (for example cucumber) then I will not force it, but just try it again a few weeks later.

But if she has eaten it before and just seems to be being fussy then I will just take it away, I’ve been advised that it is the best thing to do, otherwise they think that is OK to be like that. I guess it will be a battle of wills as I don’t want her to starve (obviously) but I also don’t want a child that only eats cheese sandwiches!!

Obviously as she has been ill and only eaten cheese sandwiches, well that’s OK, but it has given me an unwanted glimpse into a world I really hope I do not have to experience.

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