The joys of weaning


Cecily has been showing the signs of being ready for solids for quite some time. She can hold her head up, (she’s basically done that since birth) can sit up unsupported, has good hand to mouth co-ordination and has is always obsessed with whatever is on our plates!

Some mums have said weaning can be hard work, so although Cecily has seemed ready for a while I decided to hold off on starting until we got back from our holidays. So the first day back in Brighton and I got stated, its been over a week now and I have to say it’s not taken long for her to really enjoy it.

I guess like most babies the first few tries did not go well, I would try and get a small spoonful of food into her mouth and she would turn away, the food would end up on her cheek or her chin, one attempt she turned her head so much it went in her ear! When I did manage to get it in her mouth she would basically spit it straight back out and look at me as if to say what the hell are you doing?!?!

This happened the first few times and I thought maybe she wasn’t ready, it felt like more food went on the bib than in her mouth. I persevered and by the fourth time she seemed interested and she even started opening her mouth as the spoon came towards her. I think something that helped was me showing her how to eat, I would put the spoon in my mouth and then pretend to chew, she would follow me my lead and soon she was eating very happily.

By day 4 she was doing so well, she would finish 5 spoonful’s and still want more. Many of the things I have read said you should expect them to not eat more than that for the first few weeks, but Cece has been having 10-12 spoonful’s and by the end of the week she was up to 15 and I think could have eaten more.

So quantity is where I am struggling… if I follow the baby led rules I should just keep going until she stops, which is what I think I will do… but then how much milk becomes my next dilemma!

I have been giving her slightly less milk during the day but still giving her lots first thing in the morning and last thing at night and if cutting her milk during the day is too much well we will soon know. From birth Cece has not been shy about letting everyone know she is hungry, she takes after her mum and dad and gets serious hanger, her screams are deafening and although she is now much better at not screaming the house down she won’t go to sleep and will still cry if she wants more food. As I said I will let her dictate!

The only other thing to mention is she does not seem fussy (thank goodness). I have gone for convenience and bought premade baby food, I bought a large selection of Hipp Organic jars and so far there has been nothing she has not liked, from banana and mango mush to Spaghetti bolognaise. She particularly liked the porridge and vegetable risotto also seemed to be a hit…lets hope that continues.

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