The Disney Debate

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Its been a very long time since I have posted anything, but these last few days I have felt the desire to get back to a bit of blogging.

The thing that has got me a little riled is what a certain Ms Keira Knightley said about banning her daughter from watching some Disney films….sorry but that’s just, well, I actually think it’s unfair.

I know she explained the reasons, she feels some of the women are bad role models and yes the stories may well be sexist, by todays standards! BUT they are not there to be guides to life, they are there to be enjoyed, they are escapism and entertainment.  When I was a child I did not watch the Little Mermaid and think oh well that’s the way to do it, give up my life underwater and my voice for a man, that’s how its done. NO I wished I was a mermaid and thought nothing about the deeper meaning and how it reflects badly on todays modern feminist views.

As for Cinderella being a gold digger, well in the Disney version (I admit I am not sure about the buttons love triangle) she is does not come across as one at all. It’s really the last thing I would think about her. I do remember thinking her and the prince both fall in love a bit quickly…but its fairy-tale, a cartoon, I did not think, even at seven, that it was how life was. Now I hear Kristen Bell has waded into the argument saying Snow White never gave her permission to be kissed …no but if she hadn’t she’d still be asleep. What do you want a version where she wakes up and then sues the prince for sexual harassment!!

I have to say both of you have got things very mixed up, I mean Kiera if you are looking for a Disney film with a really anti feminist message watch Snow White, she asks to stay with the dwarves and says she wants to look after them, wash, cook and clean for them…now that’s not right. Plus, Kristen, if I was thinking about logic and Disney films I think there are worse much offenders than Snow White… Pinocchio for one, um so many things to question, not least:

  1. Is it not weird that a really old man wants a kid and is given a puppet
  2. Why do the children get turned into donkey’s
  3. Why is his guide is a talking cricket????!

Yes if you were to (rather foolishly) use these films as a guide to life, then maybe the underlying messaging is not ideal, but they are fairy tales, not guides. I mean, I read Little Red Riding Hood recently and did not finish with stern warning about avoiding being eaten by wolves dressed as grandmas, mainly because I was not worried Cece would take the story as gospel.

Please ladies, you are of course allowed you own opinion, but I would give your children and your parenting skills more credit. We all live in a world where women are seeing more equality, rights and a louder voice than ever before. Surely there are enough things to worry about for my daughter in the future, but getting the wrong idea of how love works from Disney films is not one of them. Oh and beside nowadays for every bad Disney female role model, there are just as many great ones…hello Moana and Merida from Brave.

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