At Nursery


Cece is now in Nursery one day a week, I dropped her off for her first full day today and have to say I found it a little emotional. This is, I suppose, a very normal motherly feeling to have – I don’t know why it still surprises me that I experience all these things. I guess I still think of myself as a tough cookie, who would never be a soppy mum who can’t bear to be apart from her little one. However there are times, like today, when I realise I am a bit like that! I know I will miss her and I feel sad to be giving her to someone else.

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Walk like Cecily


This post had the potential to be written a long long time ago, as Cecily has been showing the signs of walking for months now. It was in Spain – back in September – that she started cruising around furniture, using it to support her as she stood up and bounced up and down. Her early attempts were wobbly and would often result in her bumping straight back down onto her bottom and occasionally her head – not great when the floors in Spain were concrete.

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More than just Abu!


Recently I have found myself noticing the changes in Cece a lot more. I when I was not working and was with her all the time, I didn’t see the small changes, but now as I am seeing less of her (the guilt) they are obvious.

Things like….she has lots more hair, recognises her own reflection, is better at eating without making a lot of mess and one of the major things is how much her vocab is coming on. Before she would screech, make a few vowel sounds and usually go to a noise that sounded like she was blowing bubbles. It would usually happen as she was crawling somewhere, it was a determined noise. I would stand at one end of the corridor and she would crawl to me making these aaabbuuuuuu style sounds, it always made me think of the monkey in Aladdin and how he says his name.

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The Monitor!


Monitors, they are designed to help you look after your infant child. Nowadays they come with video monitors, heat sensors, two way radios, some play music and have night-lights. They are supposed to set your mind at rest knowing that if your child makes a noise or wakes and gets upset when they are in another room you will hear it and be able to attend to them quickly.

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The joys of weaning


Cecily has been showing the signs of being ready for solids for quite some time. She can hold her head up, (she’s basically done that since birth) can sit up unsupported, has good hand to mouth co-ordination and has is always obsessed with whatever is on our plates!

Some mums have said weaning can be hard work, so although Cecily has seemed ready for a while I decided to hold off on starting until we got back from our holidays. So the first day back in Brighton and I got stated, its been over a week now and I have to say it’s not taken long for her to really enjoy it.

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