First Mothers Day


Ok so this is another one that is a little late…actually very late but you know what they say…better late than never.

So I had my first Mothers Day this year, last year it was very early and I was still pregnant, so I’ve had to wait a while for this one …but, well, I certainly got spoilt and in fact I got two Mothers days!

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New Years Eve


Well it’s safe to say that the way in which I bought in 2016 and the way in which I bought in 2017 were very different.

New Years Eve last year I was obviously pregnant and so going out and drinking was a no and at the time, as I was also suffering badly with hip and pelvic problems I could barely walk, so dancing was also off the agenda… This year Jon and I decided to make up for it by going out and drinking and dancing. We started off at Taste of Sahara for a delicious North African feast and then went to our friends house to see in 2017. We danced until 3:30 in the morning to some epic tunes (including George Michael- apparently it had to be done) and it’s safe to say Jon kicked off January with one hell of a hangover (I don’t really get them so managed to avoid the headache)

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Music to Cece’s Ears


For the last two weeks Cece and I have been going to Music Bugs. I go to the group based at Westows in Hove and its fair to say we are both really quite enjoying it.

It last for around 45 minutes, during each session we sing classic nursery rhymes and other kids songs. I have to admit it’s made me realise I remember/ know very few kids songs, as most of the time I have no idea what the song it.

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Six things about Cecily that make me smile


This blog may occasionally act as a place to vent about the frustrations of being a new mum, but it’s also a place where I want to rave about how AMAZING my baby is. So with that in mind here are six things that Cece does that are guaranteed to make me smile.

  1. HER SMILE – when she smiles at me her whole face lights up, she opens her mouth and has this huge grin. It’s best in the morning when she has woken up and is lying in her cot staring up, I will come and stand over it, look at her and smile at her, she then smiles right back…my heart just melts and I feel like I could not love her any more.
  1. HER SLEEPING POSITION – I’m sure all babies sleep in roughly the same position but what I love about Cece’s it that it looks like she is cheering, her fingers are clenched into fists and then sit at about head height, it is very cute. Then, there are other times when the cheer is not straight, one hand is much higher than the other and what’s even cuter about that is that it’s often how Jon sleeps!
  1. HER INCREDIBLE ABILITY TO MOVE – Whether she’s awake or asleep she could literally move for Britain. In her sleep she often manages to turn herself 180 degrees in her cot, her head is never where it started when I put her down! When she is awake, she is often fidgeting, her arms and legs go up and down, back and forth, round in circles, you name it, she literally never stops moving!!
  1. HER DRINKING NOISES – You would sometimes think Cece had never drunk anything in her life. When I am breastfeeding her she often gulps huge mouthfuls, making small  high-pitched little squeaks. I have to say I don’t hear many other babies making the same noises and both sets of grandparents have also commented about the noise, it’s very endearing.
  1. THE WAY SHE SUCKS HER HAND – Cece has very recently started sucking her fingers, she won’t take a dummy instead much prefering her own hand. What’s quite funny is that just before she finds her hand she makes gurgling and grunting noises.
  1. HER OBSESSION WITH CEILINGS – Whether Cece is being carried by me, someone else, sitting in her chair, leaning against a pair of knees, wherever really, she always ends up looking up. When she’s being carried her little head will be next to the other persons and she can often be found staring intensely at the very dull ceiling, even when someone is in front of her making faces or shaking a toy, her focus will inevitably drifts upwards. I’m not sure what it is about ceilings, but they fascinate her…maybe it’s that she just likes holding her head up, I don’t know but it makes people laugh!

There are obviously lots more, but these are just the highlights.

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No Cece


This week I had my first night without my daughter and it felt weird. I had an important appointment on Friday afternoon and so my mum offered to help out, but instead of just covering the time I needed, she asked if she could pick Cece up on Thursday and take her home with her and then have her all day Friday. My mum loves spending time with her granddaughter (obviously), every time she babysits she asks if she can take her home with her, well this this time she got her way!

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The circus came to town!


You know it’s coming into the summer season when the circus’s start coming into town. A few years ago Jon and I went to a circus on a whim, we thought it’s a bit different and could be quite fun…it was fun and we said we would definitely go to one again.

So when I saw a deal on Groupon (I am addicted!!) I snapped it up, and last week we actually went, it was our first date night since Cece was born.

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