What is Sukshma Marma?

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Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Sukshma Marma and I imagine I was not in the minority. Although it dates back thousands of years and lives in the same family as acupuncture and EFT this type of Ayervedic treatment was only really rediscovered recently, as local practitioner Marek Lorys told me. Marek offers the treatment in his studio in Newhaven. I was lucky enough to be given a taster session and find out a little more about this ancient therapy.

“The treatment involves very gently massaging, with essential oils, the marma points around the body; applying a very light touch will cause a profound state of relaxation and healing for both mind and body.”

Marma oils

The treatment is derived from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the natural healthcare system that has been used for thousands of years in India. It focuses on the prevention of illness through living in accordance with natural law. In the last few decades it has become increasingly popular in the Western world, you can even find Ayurveda centres in Brighton. Marek has been following Ayurvedic practices for over 30 years, but it was not until  2013 that he discovered Sukshma Marma; he recalls:

“I was in India when I heard about it, I was right at the centre of the country and my room mate told me about it. I was instantly interested and the next day contacted the person in England who ran courses. It turned out the next course was starting the day I flew back into the UK from Delhi, the course was only half an hour from Heathrow, so my wife picked me up and took me straight there. It felt like it was meant to be.”

It was certainly a life changing experience for Marek, who up until then had been working as a translator. Once he completed the course he started practising on anyone he could.

“I was trying the treatment on friends, family, my mum’s carers, I even offered to it to a door to door salesman.”

His hard work paid off and two years ago he opened his own clinic. It’s been growing in popularity and he now sees hundreds of patients, they range from people looking to treat a specific issue to someone simply hoping to relax. Marek explains more about the benefits:

“One of the things we do not have very much of in our lives is silence; we have smartphones, TV’s, computers, our attention is always outwards, we miss out on reconnecting with ourselves. What this technique does is it takes us to a deep level to ourselves, it take us inwards. It takes us to an area that is relaxing, restful and healing, it enlivens our inner healing abilities, which then go in whatever direction is needed at that time. People often say it’s like a reboot, it makes things a little clearer.”

I personally found the treatment amazing, it was very relaxing and did find myself feeling at peace once it was over, I described it at the time as sheer bliss. I do however think you have to go into it with a certain openness, some people may think of the treatment as slightly hippy, but as Marek points out we all have these marma points and if they are treated in a particular way in a particular sequence then it works

The treatments offers more than just relaxation, it can also be used to heal physical issues such as backache, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and more.  One expert used Marma to heal a person’s neck, Marek recalls:

“I was on a course with Dr. Ernst Schrott, he has years of experience and very good intuition. Whilst at the course he helped one person there who had been in three car crashes and had serious problems and could barely move their neck. Dr. Schott spent about 20 minutes working on the person and by the end of the it they could move their neck so much better.”

Marek was so impressed he went on to translate Dr. Schott’s book, an experience he says was hugely valuable

“I would spend time chatting to him over Skype, I would call to have him check what I had written was correct, it was like a fantastic advanced course for me, to be able to ask the author about the details, find out the ins and outs of the treatment was a great learning curve for me. By the end of the experience the English version was more advanced than the German one.”

Marma Therapy book

Marek is now hoping to expand his business and this year is aiming to attend more large scale alternative therapy events, he is also hoping to attend more networking events, which is exactly where I met him. Marek is one of the few men to be part of the local Mumpreneurs group. The local groups celebrate local business people, particularly mums…which of course Marek is not, but he did not let that stop him. He recalls:

“A friend of mine recommended it, I knew that more women than men would use my treatment so I thought I would try it out. I was a little shy, being the only man, but I was made very welcome and I now go to a number of groups across Sussex “

He adds: “It’s been really helpful, not only have I been able to get new clients, I have also learnt new skills, I can now do things on my computer, with social media and I have learnt much more.”

To find out more about Marek and Sukshma Marma visit his website here

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