Rugby baby



I love rugby, it’s the best game ever and at the moment we are slap bang in the middle of Six Nations, which England is winning yipeeeeee!!. As I don’t really support a league team, (not because I don’t want to but because matches are not on normal TV and I do not want to pay extortionate amounts for Sky Sports when I would only use it for rugby and because none of the ones I would support are exactly local – Bath and Exeter) it means that the Six Nations is a time when I get to watch lots of rugby.

At one stage I had been planning a surprise trip to Rome for myself and Jon to watch the match against Italy, but my unexpected life event slightly scuppered that idea. Instead I have faithfully sat in front of the TV and watched all the England games, and with Jon being ill I have actually watched pretty much every match.

So when we realised that there would be two weekends of rugby when we would have a baby we may have bought some suitable attire! How cute!!


In fact Jon may have bought more than one thing and we are hoping the larger clothing will still fit in time for the autumn internationals or at the very least the finals of the premiership. Yes it may be tricky to ensure we can get out the house at the right time and it may well be we need to watch the rugby on baby time, but at least our child will be appropriately dressed!!


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