Ready for a Dechox!!


A few weeks ago I was having a look around my local British Heart Foundation (BHF) charity shop when I saw a sign that caught my attention. The charity has a challenge – one I have never heard of, but was started in 2015 – and after not doing brilliantly at Dry January (I completely failed) I decided this one was for me.

It’s called DECHOX and involves eating no chocolate for all of March, a whole 31 days eating nothing that contains cocoa…yikes!!! Anyone that knows me, knows I love chocolate so it’s going to be hard, but I am going to do it.

But why, what are the benefits? Well I have to admit for me it’s probably a weight thing, I am hoping if I don’t eat chocolate I will lose a few pounds.

I have also decided that I will give up sweets and biscuits too, this is mainly because when I have given up chocolate in the past I have simply substituted it with one of these things…not really the idea and it doesn’t help with the weight. So this time round I will go a little further,  I am going to allow myself the odd piece of cake though… I’m not completely mad!

So what about the other health benefits, well for me these may well be minimal at the moment, I am not overweight and do not have a history of heart attacks in my family, so I may well never need to worry about my heart. Although, rather ironically, as I sit and write this I am wearing a heart monitor, as my doctor was slightly worried that my heart beats too slowly (I’m not sure what that all means – I avoid Dr Google), but well if there is something wrong I may well be using the BHF resources. Besides it is a very good charity that a lot of people do need support from and it has done a lot to help  and advance the treatment of heart issues, for example:

  • BHF have helped halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory disease in the UK
  • 7 Million people in the UK are living with cardiovascular disease
  • Cardiovascular disease kills a person in the UK every 3 minutes
  • Thanks to the BHF 7 in 10 people who have a heart attack will go home to their families
  • The charity aims to fund £100m of new research each year, in 2014 they were able to invest an incredible £102.7m in life saving medical research
  • The number of children who survive being born with a heart defect has turned around – in 1961, only 20 per cent lived to their first birthday. The number of children dying has fallen by more than 80 per cent in the last three decades thanks to
  • Our scientists helped transform pacemakers from a heavy bulky device into one that could fit inside the chest, with no exposed wires
  • Right now they are funding over 1,000 research projects at more than 50 different research locations in the UK. The teams are investigating every aspect of heart and circulatory disease

That’s some pretty impressive stuff!!

So today(and for the last few days) I have rather indulged in all things brown and chocolatey, and tonight I will be sitting down and tucking into Nutella pancakes YUUUUMMMMM!! But from Wednesday, well no cocoa will pass my lips, not even a hot chocolate. I will be reporting back over the month to say how its going, but for now I’m off to have a KitKat!!

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