Potty training – one step forward and another one back

Princess Potty

Disclaimer…this is ones of those blogs that makes me sound mean, but also the reason I chose to write a blog in the first place. This is a topic, potty training. We started potty training when Cece was about two and a half. She is a very bright little thing who started talking early and could say very happily mummy I need a wee, so last summer I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll admit she may not have been entirely ready (and that seems to have come back to haunt me) but it was summer, so I thought it would be better and I hate nappies. They are bad for the environment, expensive and if I’m brutally honest look bad, I hate that bulgy look under shorts and dresses.

So I bit the bullet, we stayed inside for a few days with a potty, watched princess potty, read the book and she walked around with just a pair of pants on. I did try pull ups, but as she was did not seem to know when she was doing a wee and then could not feel it getting wet, they failed. I don’t really understand what the point of them is for potty training, it’s basically a nappy and Cece got the hang of pulling pants up and down straight away….I personally would not recommend.

So we stuck with pants and she got a sticker every time we did it right and lots of praise and an oopsy daisy when we missed, I re-explained the potty and what is was for and carried on with our day. After a few days at home we ventured to the park and the beach and I took the potty. It took a about a week but in the end she seemed to have got it. She loved getting the stickers and although there were times she hated sitting on the potty I thought she had done pretty well.

I have to admit here I did now understand one aspects of parenthood that is an avoidable. Before becoming a mum I could not understand why they felt the need to talk about their children’s wees and poos and why they seemed to be constantly asking about the toilet, I had done quite well at avoiding the subject when she was in nappies but when you are toilet training it becomes one of those things you cannot avoid, especially now when it’s seems to be going wrong.

Because after about three months of all being fine, the odd accident here and there it something happened and 4 months on it’s still a struggle and there are still many accidents. What I can’t get my head round is the fact it’s always at nursery, some days I dread picking her up because she will have had 3-4 in one day. Yet with me over the weekend, maybe 1….WTF!!! I could blame the fact she is happily playing, distracted or does not want to lose a toy by having to go off for a wee…but still I find myself getting so annoyed by the situation.  I watch friends children, who left it a bit later, sail through and have no issues and I admit I hate it, why is Cece so bad at this.

I’ve gone through a range of responses, at first I was a bit angry….that didn’t work. I tried being furious with her…doesn’t work, we tried taking things away, no Paw Patrol, no chocolate, no magazines….didn’t work. I tried taking some time off and trying doing a bit more training, we stayed in for a few days and again she was fine. However the first day she went back to nursery and she had three in one day…I was furious, the next day the same, again I was so annoyed and I was rapidly running out of trousers! I know getting angry is not helpful but I could not help it, I wanted to scream come on Cece you’re better than that, why why are you not using the loo????? STOP HAVING ACCIDENTS!

So we turned to Google and we have developed a new system that does seem to be paying off. She has a treat box, in the morning she is shown the box and told she can pick something which she can only have if there are no accidents and although at nursery she still seems to be having them, they are getting fewer. So maybe this is working. (The treats are Kinder Eggs, £1 craft things from The Works and the Poundshop, Ebay finds, generally nothing over £1 in case you are worrying!) My other tip is try not to get angry, maybe occasionally is OK, but I do think me getting angry did not help and probably had the opposite of the desired effect.

It’s tough, well I found it tough, and so if you do too, please know there are others out there who are also struggling.

And if your little one is having the same issue too, well know that there is someone in the same boat….I hope it helps to know you are not the only one!

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