A different gig experience!


There was a time when I would go to, on average, a gig a week. Now I tend to go to one a month, I am not sure if this is because I have got a narrower taste in music or if it is because I am less likely to spend £10 on a random band I have never heard of simply because someone reviewed them and said they may sound like someone I love.

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What to buy??

Pink or blue?

My boyfriend and I thought we would take advantage of the January sales and start buying some baby clothes. We are lucky and getting most of the big and scarily expensive stuff second hand, but clothing, well we wanted to choose that for ourselves and thought… January bargains here we come.

It seems to me that when a baby is first born they wear mainly sleep suits, so we thought we’ll get lots of them and then a few cute outfits, but this is where I started to spot a few issues with baby clothes.

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A New Year doing the Timewarp!!


I have to admit I am one of those people who has grown to hate New Years Eve, the events on are always expensive or sold out months in advance. I am never organised enough to organise anything and my friends are either broke, working, in different cities or already have plans.

This year was also set to be different as the usual pint of vodka was firmly off the menu. As someone who does like a drink I was a little worried about this, I had enjoyed the odd glass of Prosecco over the Christmas period, but for me NYE has always been a night of fairly high alcohol consumption.

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