One De-chox Complete


So it’s been seven days since I finished my De-chox for British Heart Foundation and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I did not struggle nearly as much as I thought I would and I also stuck to my own self imposed ban on sweets and biscuits, (see other blog) well for most of it, I did have a few slips right at the end but I can truthfully swear not one teeny tiny bit of cocoa passed my lips during the whole month of March.

One thing is for certain I have now made up for it, in the last week I’ve eaten mini eggs, chocolate cake, half a Kit Kat Chunky (which has once again got smaller!) half a Bounty, Cadbury’s chocolate buttons…the giant kind, a Bourneville and a Dairy Milk The bars have only been the small ones, but that’s quite a lot!

I was hoping, having no chocolate for 30 days would help me beat my incessant craving but it seems that is not the case. I know from experience (I used to give chocolate up for lent) that I am literally counting down the days until I can eat it again and when I can – I stuff my face. Although I did not find it as hard, I was still excited to know that in just 5 short…4 short days…3,2,1, etc. I could eat chocolate. Surely that should not be the case?

Dietary specialists claim that if you stop eating something for two weeks you should stop craving it, well that’s baloney (in my case). It also says that if you go cold turkey, (as I did) you will feel withdrawal symptoms, get headaches and mood swings. I had none of that…I felt fine. Supposedly as your insulin levels regains sensitivity, you should stop craving it….once again I say for me…baloney!! I thought by not eating lots of other sweet things I would be better, but that did not work. I have therefore come to the conclusion that something is not quite working in my brain… yes I would like to go out there and say my brain is wired differently to how it should be! I think that must be the only answer!!!!

I wish I could now say oh I don’t want chocolate or I shall just have one small piece…nope I need it all or nothing! It therefore means that after Easter I think I may have to have de-chox round two. In fact I feel so inspired I may even do a month off every 3 months, just to see if I can…I guess the trick is to not spend the months I can eat the good stuff over compensating for the ones when I decide I can. I am hopeful that after proving I can do it for a month and not struggle as much as I thought I would that may well be the next step…lets hope so!

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