A New Year doing the Timewarp!!


I have to admit I am one of those people who has grown to hate New Years Eve, the events on are always expensive or sold out months in advance. I am never organised enough to organise anything and my friends are either broke, working, in different cities or already have plans.

This year was also set to be different as the usual pint of vodka was firmly off the menu. As someone who does like a drink I was a little worried about this, I had enjoyed the odd glass of Prosecco over the Christmas period, but for me NYE has always been a night of fairly high alcohol consumption.

Jon and I decided we didn’t want to do nothing, but as the usual drunken parties were a no, we looked elsewhere. When I saw there were still tickets left to the local production of The Rocky Horror Show, I suggested it. Although he was slightly concerned when I said he might have to wear stockings and suspenders, he was still up for the plan, although sadly it was a no to the dressing up!

I saw the Rocky Horror Show live at a theatre in Woking years ago, I have also seen the film, but when asked to explain the storyline, I couldn’t remember. “There’s a man called Frank N. Furter, who wears the stockings and suspenders, a girl called Janet and it features the rather brilliant song ‘The Timewarp’!”

That was really all I said, we Googled the song and looked at the current cast and that was enough, decision made…and what a great decision it turned out to be. After a very nice meal we headed to The Theatre Royal in Brighton and took our seats. It was great to see how many people had dressed for the occasion – there were Magenta’s, some colourful Columbia’s, lots of Riff Raffs and we even saw the one very brave Rocky.

The show was amazing and as each scene finished I realised how little I had remembered. Afterwards Jon commented that it was certainly not what he’d been expecting. There were some die-hard fans who knew all the heckles and had even thought up some of their own, a few of which bought the narrator to tears. We got involved, shouting ‘slut’ at Janet, and ‘arsehole’ at Brad, we joined in with ‘The Timewarp’, and generally clapped and cheered as the cast came out for the curtain call, we then danced along again to the final Timewarp.

As we filed out there was just 15 minutes to go until 2016, and the theatre stayed open., so we headed down from the Gods and joined the party in the stalls. With just a few minutes until the clock struck 12 the cast came back on stage and started the countdown. They launched into a rousing rendition of ‘Auld lang syne’ and then what better song to do once more, but ‘The Timewarp’

It was a fabulous new year, I have to recommend if next year other people find themselves short of a plan, check and see what your local theatre is up to and if its Rocky Horror well why not don some stockings and suspenders and check it out!

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