New Years Eve


Well it’s safe to say that the way in which I bought in 2016 and the way in which I bought in 2017 were very different.

New Years Eve last year I was obviously pregnant and so going out and drinking was a no and at the time, as I was also suffering badly with hip and pelvic problems I could barely walk, so dancing was also off the agenda… This year Jon and I decided to make up for it by going out and drinking and dancing. We started off at Taste of Sahara for a delicious North African feast and then went to our friends house to see in 2017. We danced until 3:30 in the morning to some epic tunes (including George Michael- apparently it had to be done) and it’s safe to say Jon kicked off January with one hell of a hangover (I don’t really get them so managed to avoid the headache)

I dread to think what would Craig Revel Horwood would say!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed our NYE 2015/16 (we went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show) but this year it was EPIC. The food was delicious and it was BYO, so not vastly overpriced and being with such a lovely group of people really made the evening. It was also really nice to be adults only.

Jon and I had been toing and froing between us having a quiet night in with Cece and a night out with friends…it was after all Cece’s first NYE and we thought maybe we should celebrate it with her. I was worried it might be seen as being a bit mean not being with her, but we reasoned she would be asleep, it’s not like we would wake her up when it was 12 to say “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Besides, like Christmas, she had no idea what the day meant and is unlikely to remember it. So we thought it was fine to hand her over to grandparents and celebrate sans baby.

I think if you are having a baby in 2017 and find yourself next year facing the same dilemma of do we stay in or go out….well I would recommend, if you are lucky enough to be able to, going out. Cece has not held it against us and I must admit I do not feel guilty for not spending it with her. I loved our first Christmas together, even if she didn’t have the foggiest what was happening, but it’s nice to have time for just Jon and me and this night was fun.

Besides as I said she will never remember her first NYE, so we can look back and think well that was fun, rather than, I wish we had gone out…beside there will be plenty of opportunities to spend it with our little girl.

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