What a May Day Weekend


Another long weekend, so I thought I’d write one of these blogs. Firstly it was so nice to have Jon around for an extra day and so once again we tried to do some fun things as a little family.

On Saturday we went to Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns, it was a really fun afternoon and I have decided to do a review of the event separately rather than make this post really long!

Saturday evening I went to London for a friend’s birthday, it was at Simmons Bar in Liverpool Street. It was lots of fun and what is so great about Simmons is that they don’t charge a fortune for drinks, so a single spirit and mixer was £4.50. They also have an awesome happy hour which lasts from 4-9pm and although on a Saturday it’s a very limited list, during the week there is everything on there, a single vodka and mixer is £2.50…seriously in London …EPIC!! The one at Liverpool Street is a lot bigger than the one at Kings Cross too so there’s more room and my lovely friend hired the room downstairs so it was even better.

I did have to leave early to get the train home, but it was still lots of fun and you leave feeling like you have not spent a fortune.

On Sunday we were meeting some friends in Brighton, we started at the Robin Hood Street Party, the event was rammed and we had Cece so it was not ideal. There were babies there, but because Cece is at an age where she likes to have room to move it can be difficult to take her to crowded spaces. Plus if she is in the pram she always wants to get out if we’ve stopped and we had!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 19.13.46

With hindsight I would say it would have been better to leave the pram at home, there were lots of young people at the street party and at that age I think they may have found it annoying that someone had bought a pram into the middle of everything. If I think back I know I would have thought… why have they bought a pram to a place like this… it’s just taking up space! Oh how times have changed!!

Anyway we did not stay long, just enough time to listen to an amazing steel drum band perform, I always forget how much fun a steel band is.

Our friends had decided to get out of the rain and gone to The Lion and Lobster. It’s a great little pub in the streets behind Western Road. Again it was tricky to get the pram in, but everyone helped and we even found a table. It was on the top floor, so getting up there was fun, but having a baby does mean people will move out of your way, some more begrudgingly than others but they do clear a path for you!

We stayed for the afternoon, Cece was great, she wondered around, as there was a bit more room (not much but a bit!) and smiled at everyone. It was nice to catch up with people and have a few drinks, I also need to mention the roast. It was very nice, which surprised us when it arrived about 5 minutes after we ordered it – which is not normally a good sign, but it was piping hot and tasty. I went for the vegetarian option, I usually go for pork but decided to shake it up a bit, besides Jon said he would get pork so I could try it, which I’m glad he did as it was very tasty. By around 6 Cece was getting tired, we tried to get her to sleep in the pram but she wouldn’t – she only does that when it’s moving!

Sadly this pub was also now rammed and as we were on the top floor nipping out to walk round the block was also not an option.

Besides that never seems to work, it’s like she has a sixth sense and can tell when I want her to sleep and so she won’t or if she does the moment you get back to the pub/place she will snap her eyes open and stay awake. Of course if you don’t want her to fall asleep she will…little miss contrary!

Our final day of the weekend, Monday we decided to visit my mum and go to the local village show. I had quite forgotten to look out for May Day Fetes and so was very much up for going, sadly though it was a bit of…well actually it was a huge washout.

We had only been there 20 minutes when it started to not just rain… not just rain hail, hail in May… Luckily we were sat down in the tea tent enjoying tea and cake. As the rain got heavier the tent got busier and soon no one was left outside. It was very sad the whole day had all sorts of activities planned like a dog show and races, but I think most if it had to be either cancelled or changed. I hope it still did well though, the cake tent certainly diod a roaring trade and we bought a selection of Mr Men books, so not too bad a day!

Plus on the way home I had a McDonalds, I love McDonalds, I will have it as an occasional treat and this time round we even let Cece have some food.

All in all though I had a very nice weekend and I have a new blog idea to come out of it all about prams in busy places…more on that in the next week or so….

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