Ladyboys of Bangkok


Last week I went to go and watch the Ladyboys of Bangkok (LBOB). I remember going to see them years ago when I was at university in Brighton, so a long long time ago! One of my overriding memories is coming out feeling a little inadequate; the men performing on stage were more ladylike than me and had better figures!!

This time round I walked out feeling exactly the same, some of the performers were stunning, they had flowing locks, curves in all the right places (well maybe except one place!!) amazing clothes and they could also all walk/dance in high heels better than me. If I was a straight man I think I’d come away feeling highly confused, luckily I’m not so I came away feeling like I had had a great night.

The show kicked off with a bit of Kylie Minogue’s ‘On a night like this’ and then ‘Spinning around’ it then moved onto a show tune from the Moulin Rouge. The cast was made up of a mix of Ladyboys ,Thai men, a drag queen, a dwarf and the ruler of the roost Mr Sak. They all took their turns to perform different numbers, from huge power ballads like Hey Big Spender to recent pop releases from the likes of Little Mix, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars – which was performed by the men.

The choreography I have to say had improved, so had the quality of the miming, they all seemed to know the words this time round. I also loved the incredible costumes from Egyptian gods to 1950’s prom dresses and much much more, there were some outfits I would love to get my hands on.


Highlights of the show included some hilarious piss takes of popular songs, my favourite was definitely the One Dire Erection number, I will leave it as a surprise, but they were not kind about a member of the similarly named boy band! Beyoncé and Nirvana songs are also given the special LBOB makeover.

Another highlight was the audience participation, from an awkward looking young man who was made to come up on stage to pretend to have his hair waxed, to a truly brilliant example when one audience member tried to run away, then got overly involved and ended up being pinned down by one of the performers, all very entertaining/ cringe worthy.

The final highlight for me was performer Ole, more of a drag queen than ladyboy (there was no boob job and incredible curves). However she would come out into the audience and interact, mime to the big ballads whilst also pulling some interesting facial expressions, she really made the show.


Overall I have to say it was a great night, full of humour, cheeky fun, cheesy pop tunes and even some good dancing!! It’s certainly something a little different from the usual night out in Brighton, I recommend heading down while its still in town. Find out more here.

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