Happy Birthday!!



Yesterday was a big day; it was my little girl’s first birthday. At times I still find it hard to believe I even have a child, let alone a child that is now one year old, a one year old! It was 365 days ago that I was in hospital having her; there are times when it feels like just a few weeks ago and other times it feels like 5 years ago. Having her was one hell of an experience, but not one that I am not going to dwell on. No, what I am going to dwell on is Cece’s party, we wanted to do something nice for the day and so I planned a meal with the grandparents and then we all went to a soft play area. Jon had the day off, so we were able to spend it together as a family, which was (cheese alert) the best bit.

Our first stop was lunch at The Spotted Cow in Angmering. To be honest I had been a bit nervous about doing that, Cece is not great at sitting still and can get quite fidgety, she certainly does not like being kept in one place for a long time so I was worried that being at the pub and not being able to walk around might cause difficulties, but yesterday she was brilliant. We sat her in the high chair and unwrapped all her presents. She then ate her food and stayed happy and content for the entire meal. The pub was great, it had a great kids menu and said we could eat the cake there (although we didn’t in the end) and took it to the kitchen for us, it was all very friendly. The food was also excellent – I would definitely recommend it.

Cece also enjoyed the food (her first mac and cheese) and she was very well behaved, I imagine all the presents helped keep her entertained. I had been a bit blasé about buying her gifts, like I said in my Xmas blog – it’s not like she has any concept of what the day is or will remember it. However we decided to buy her something special and in the end chose a necklace that featured mine and her birthstone, (we will add her fathers as well so it is extra special). It was a Joy by Corinne Smith piece of jewellery and it is really lovely, the stones come in two different sizes and it looks pretty. Even though she can’t wear it for a while, I hope in the future it will be nice for her to know it was her first birthday gift from mummy and daddy, I know I will get all sentimental! We also bought her some clothes, she got toys and pyjamas (something she was very in need of) and my mum also bought her a very very very cool pair of red Doc Marten boots (I love them).

After the present session we drove a few miles down the road to Out of Bounds, the play centre has everything you could need, there’s crazy golf, a putting green, laser tag, bowling, soft play and more. It will be amazing to take Cece to when she can do more of it (though getting kids to leave looked a little hard!!!)

The entrance is only £1 per adult and £4 for children (I liked that) and the soft play area for youngsters is just the right size (we avoided the chaos of after school, but even when there were some school kids there it was not too busy, I imagine weekends are different!!

I have to admit I think everyone was worried Cece was a little small for the area, recently Cece has got very good at walking around, when I go to the space near my house she loves nothing more than toddling off and playing, but I was a little concerned this may be a bit big for her. Well she certainly proved us wrong, she went straight in, climbing over foam bricks and within half an hour had figured out how to climb up a huge foam ladder, it was amazing watching her tenacity as she climbed higher and higher, she would then sit at the top with a huge smile and wait to be put on the slide.

She walked around – holding her new boots for most of it – and just laughed and giggled. One of the highlights was when she went up to a little boy and tried to give him a hug…Jon was not sure what to think (he thought it was cute but also had to play the dad card, saying no, you cannot go near boys till you are 25!!)

It was so lovely and all the grandparents watched or played as she tottered around, we were even allowed to eat her cake there, which I had been worried would not be allowed as they sold cake in the shop.

I thought the whole place was great and will definitely be going back. What was even better was seeing how much Cece enjoyed her day. She was a complete angel and spent the whole day smiling, giggling and playing. Even though she had no idea that it was her birthday, she very clearly enjoyed herself and it made it even more special.

Happy birthday little girl xxxx

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