A day making glass things


For my first mothers day I was bought a day at a glass workshop in Brighton called the Little Beach Boutique. It was the perfect present for me as I love glass, and this gave me the opportunity to make my own unique glass things.

The workshop is held downstairs at the shop and well…for me it didn’t start brilliantly as I was late, but I am very pleased to report that was that was the only down point of the day and that was entirely my own fault.

So, when I arrived, Suzanne (the very lovely teacher) was telling the rest of the gang how to decorate your glass and all the different options you can use to make the decorations. It was really fascinating; there were so many ways to make the different things and I loved learning how everything was created, apparently it all goes into the kiln and sort of melts down.

Suzanne showed us a variety of things she had made including coasters featuring Brighton beach huts, poppy fields, hearts and more. They were beautiful and meant we could use them as inspiration for our own creations.

Next Suzanne told us how to cut the glass, you have thin blunt looking knife and you score on one side before tapping with a mini hammer on the other side. I actually found this bit quite easy, there were a few mistakes and times I did not score it straight but I think I got the hang of it quite well…Suzanne said it was just like tile cutting (which I have done before after tiling my kitchen), which was spot on!

Next we got on with the business of making, I was surprised by how much we were allowed to make, we each had four coasters and a panel that we could take home, or we could make something else if we wanted, it was so flexible.

I decided to create 4 matching style coasters, everyone else in the class did different designs, which almost swayed me to mix it up, but I like uniformity so I stuck with star designs, simply changing the colour and design of each one.

At first I was quite nervous about how they would look, I am a bit of a perfectionist and was concerned I was messing them up or not making them neat enough, but Suzanne walked round giving constant praise and encouragement which really helped. It was a really fun experience and one I would definitely recommend.

Now I also have the results, they were ready in just over a week (very quick) and for a first attempt they look pretty good, my favourite was actually my least creative with the stripes, but the stars all came out OK, especially the yellow one, which is so vibrant and bright. I will definitely use them, there will be one proviso though and that’s they can only be used at night…I have a small child who loves coasters so I think having glass ones…well that may be a recipe for disaster!


If you would like to do a workshop, you can find out more here

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