Foodies Festival 2017


I am a big foodie, I love it, if I had one of those metabolisms that let me eat whatever I wanted I would, cheese, bread, cake, creamy vegetable dishes, you name it and I will pretty much eat it. So for me Foodies Festival is part heaven part hell, which I will elaborate on later.

This year we decided to go along on the Saturday as it was supposed to be a nice day and we had no other plans. I did my usual and bought a special deal, if you are thinking of going to any of them in the future I would recommend signing up to the mailing list as they often send out 2-4-1 offers or half price ticket deals.

We got a 2-1-4 with a free goody bag and a free mini bottle of wine Mateus, always good!

We got there nice an early, while it was still relatively quiet. I must admit that was a very good plan as by the time we left it was heaving! We bought Cece along, but decided in the crowds it would be better to have her in the carrier, rather than trying to navigate the crowds with a pushchair…I think that would have driven me mad!!

I also said this year I wanted to try and go to a couple of actual demonstrations, so we went and watched someone making cupcakes and then later watched GBBO winner Candice Brown creating a savoury bread, or scone…I missed her saying what it actually was but it was made with buttermilk and looked like a giant scone (or biscuit if you are American!!) I really liked Candice in GBBO and she seemed to go down very well at the show, the tent was packed and there was plenty of witty banter between her and the presenter Tony Rodd, who was a Masterchef finalist in 2015. The two were very funny, swapping anecdotes about being on the different shows and her teasing Paul Hollywood, all very funny.

Plus the bread thing she made looked amazing too; I really hope she has a good foodie career. In the end that was the only one we saw, we signed up for another one but Jon’s back had been playing up and Cece was getting a bit restless so we didn’t go.

We had some lunch and sampled some very nice drinks, I even found a red wine I did not think tasted that bad. This was a big shock, I do not like wine, with white wine I will occasionally drink it, but it needs some lemonade, then red, well I just don’t drink it. I have tried it on numerous occasions and each time just thought yuk….where’s the vodka?

At this one stand though a rather nice man convinced me to try it, the Prossecco he had on offer had been fine (I drink that) but I was very sceptical about the red, however I capitulated and had a small taste…to my surprise it tasted fine, it was sweeter than a usual red and did not have that woody taste that I usually dislike. I doubt I will be quaffing back a regular glass of merlot from now, but it was refreshing and did not make me want to gag!!

Cece also seemed to enjoy the food, thank goodness she has got her appetite back, she ate some of my hotdog…I know so much choice and I went for sausage, (but it was delicious good quality pork).

That’s all part of the heaven and hell thing, the food is heaven, there is so much incredible looking stuff, the various options from around the world all look delicious, but as I have mentioned in other blogs I hate having too much choice as I can’t choose, that’s the hell!!

Anyways I digress, Cece also tried some of Jon’s spicy chicken flatbread, not to mention the various samples. Mary Berry’s tomato salsa was a hit, as was the Bon Mamans crème caramel.

The only other slight drawback was how much everything costs at the festival, I know producers need to make money and most charge a fair price for the amount of work they put into something. I respect that, especially when some of the products are so specialist/ organic/ takes a long time to make etc.

The sheer array of specialist alcohols, there were so many £30-45 bottles and I could have happily bought 10 of them, sadly I don’t have a spare £400!!

Also the food stands are also expensive, I guess they can justify it when everything else is the same, but some were charging £7 for a plate of food or £4 for sweet potato fries, well that is a bit much. Next time I will have to make sure I save a bit before going along. I will also plan it a bit better. I would recommend the following itinerary:

  • 11am – arrive having eaten nothing and head straight to the food stands and eat whatever, but don’t fill up too much
  • 12ish: Go around the fair and sample as much as you can
  • 12:30ish – 4ish: Catch some demos and spend some time enjoying the drinks and music
  • 4:30pm: get more food from stand

Basically eat and be merry for surely that’s what Foodies its all about!

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