First Mothers Day


Ok so this is another one that is a little late…actually very late but you know what they say…better late than never.

So I had my first Mothers Day this year, last year it was very early and I was still pregnant, so I’ve had to wait a while for this one …but, well, I certainly got spoilt and in fact I got two Mothers days!

The first was on the actual day…we had been at a friends wedding in Harrogate on the Friday and I admit I had slightly forgotten about Mothers Day. I had thought about staying in York for the weekend, but decided I could not miss the first one…even if Cece wouldn’t remember I would!

So we travelled home on the Saturday and ended up spending it with my mum, I therefore had a Mother’s day with my mum (the first in quite some time I believe) and the first as a mum, three generations all together. I thought as I was with my mum I would treat her, I got her a coffee in bed, bought a bunch of flowers and chocolates and I cooked the Sunday roast. We had a lovely day playing in the garden with Cece and although I did not get someone cooking for me (Jon did make an excellent sous chef though!!) it was still a very lovely day and I did get cards with very nice messages.

I then got a second Mothers Day the following Sunday and got spoilt, I got coffee in bed and presents, which apparently Cece chose for me, she is very talented! I got bought a glass-making workshop at The Little Beach Boutique. I am a big fan of all things glass so am very excited about it, I also got a lovely picture which is shows three bears, as we call Cece bear…its a very special. Later we went to a friend’s house for her daughter’s first birthday and I ate chocolate cake. It was generally a chilled out day and I also had dinner cooked for me and so that was nice.

The picture

I think I sometimes Mothers Day is a it of a con, every shop seems to cash in on it and there seems to be an expectation to spend lots of money and make a big effort, but I think it should really be all about the family and as a relatively new mum that’s exactly what I enjoyed most. I enjoyed the feeling of thinking wow I am a mum, this day means even more to me now. Yes it meant something before, I always think of my mum, but it’s different now.

Yes, I still have times when I freak out that I have a child, think I’m not old enough, not responsible enough. There are days when Cece seriously stresses me out, but they are getting fewer and further between. 98 per cent of the time I have a vibrant and very happy little one year old, who makes me very happy…something I was worried might never be the case, before she came along I did panic I wouldn’t bond with her, would not enjoy my time with her etc.

Even though I know there will be many many times in the future when she will stress me out, make me annoyed and frustrated I have to say being a mum has not been nearly as worrying as I thought it would be. For that I would like to thank one very chilled out child and some excellent support from Jon and the extended family.

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