Ok, I’m a little behind with the topic of this post, but hey!

It was obviously Cece’s first fireworks night at the weekend and I had been wanting to take her to the Cranleigh bonfire. She is still very young and would not exactly appreciate the intricacies of the local Lions display. But I thought it would be fun to wrap her up, put her in the carrier and give it a go…I was prepared, I had got warm clothes, some boots and I had also bought some baby ear defenders, as I know she is not a big fan of loud noises and so thought that would solve that issue….oh yes I was ready for this!! However Cece was able to thwart my plan in one very simple move, she kept taking the ear defenders off. Literally within 10 seconds of putting them on her she pulled them straight off, I tried again and again off they came, I tried around 5 times but each time she just took them straight off again. I think she may have thought it was a funny game, like the throw everything on the floor when sitting in the high chair game. One which I have now thwarted with a simple piece of ribbon (genius I know).

So it looked like the fireworks were out, luckily my mum had been very keen to look after her (again) so we were able to go and see them without her.

I was a little sad to not have her there, it felt a bit wrong, its her first fireworks night, but at the same time I also felt it was the right decision. The event was loud, crowded and so so incredible cold, I was wearing about 5 layers and was freezing. If Cece had been unhappy about the fireworks I would have had to fight my way out of the crowds and then there would have been nowhere to go, so it would have been hard to get her away form the display.

Finally, and a little selfishly if we had had her with us we may not have been able to take advantage of the funfair, something that has been a bit of a tradition. In the end we had a lovely night, we caught up with my friend Madeleine and had a few drinks in the very busy local pub The Richard Onslow.

I do think sometimes the my babies first thing is taken a bit too far, there were my babies first Halloween outfits (they may have been around for ages but I had not noticed them before) but I think you can go too far, its not like anyone remembers their first fireworks night or Halloween or Christmas, so I guess in the end I should not be too worried about her missing the fun…maybe next year will be a little different!

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