Father’s Day


So, as I cannot talk about Father’s Day (well I can) but I thought it would be much nicer to ask Jon to write a something for me. So here is his amazing entry….

Wow… So I have just had my first Father’s Day, and what a day it was, I had been told a few things by Charlie about what we were going to do but knew there were also a few surprises ahead.

I should probably also start with the fact that this is my first ever attempt at writing a blog, so my first ever blog is about my first ever Father’s Day.

I’m not too sure where to begin but I guess I should speak about how I feel to actually now be eligible for Father’s Day. I never really knew what to expect becoming a father, I have had one of the best possible guides in my own dad but obviously until the day comes it’s a difficult thing to try and comprehend. I am happy to say that it has been single handedly the best thing to happen in my life.

And what better way to celebrate than a trip to a pottery painting workshop in Sussex followed by a lovely pub lunch just outside Lewes with the two best girls around! We started the day with a lovely breakfast and card with a couple of great presents, bought by Cece of course, including some chocolates and an hours hire of Paddle Boarding which has become my latest crazy thing!

We then headed to MasterPiece Studio in Whitesmith to start our pottery painting and both Charlie and I opted for a mug so we can kick off our days with a coffee in our own decorated cups. I decided that I would get creative and draw a few things that are prominent in my life at the moment so tried my very best to draw a baby bear (Cecily is affectionately known as Cece bear), a rugby ball as Charlie and I are massive fans. Brighton beach also featured with the West Pier in the background as this is now our home and also a picture of Charlie at a gig which is of course where she is most at home!  Charlie herself went for the multi coloured ‘splodges’ approach, including one done by Cece who also helped to paint Charlie’s hair on my very crude stick woman drawing of my beloved fiancé.

After the works of art were complete we left the mugs with the venue to have them baked and glazed before we can pick them up later this week. I am already on tender hooks to see the final outcome!

We then headed to The Roebuck Inn for a lovely Sunday Roast and fantastic Sticky Toffee pudding all enjoyed in their wonderful beer garden which just happens to also be home to plenty of chickens, baby chicks, pigs and the odd toddler chasing after them all! If you find yourself in the area then I would certainly recommend dropping in to sample their delights.

All in all, I can say it was a brilliant day spent with my family and I certainly feel very proud to now be part of the Father’s Day club. I can’t wait to see what’s in store in the years to come and am feeling the pressure already to make March 26th next year a day to remember for Charlie.

….well I will definitely be looking forward to that 🙂

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