What a May Day Weekend


Another long weekend, so I thought I’d write one of these blogs. Firstly it was so nice to have Jon around for an extra day and so once again we tried to do some fun things as a little family.

On Saturday we went to Foodies Festival on Hove Lawns, it was a really fun afternoon and I have decided to do a review of the event separately rather than make this post really long!

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What an Easter weekend


As it was an extra long weekend and Easter so Jon and I decided we wanted to do something different, so we dusted off our National Trust passes and off we went for a weekend of culture and chocolate!

On Saturday we went to Petworth House, it was lovely. I had never been to the house before, I’ve walked round the very picturesque town, but never ventured through the gates of the big house. My first impression was that it’s a lot bigger than I thought it was and considerably older, for some reason I thought it was 19th century, but was actually built in 1688 by the 6th Duke of Somerset.

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What a Paris weekend


What a weekend, actually this time round I can say….what a nice long weekend. Jon and I went to Paris for a little holiday and it was just perfect, there was music, rugby, fine food, cheese, walking tours, culture and even a boat trip…seriously perfect!

Our trip was actually a Christmas from me to Jon (I have to say I feel slightly bad giving presents like this to Jon as – let’s be honest – they are also to me as well…but hey!) Our fun started on very early on Thursday, we had stayed with my mum and dropped LO off on Wednesday night and then got an early flight from Gatwick.

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What a Weekend – 7 January


So this is my first what a weekend entry of 2017 and I can truthfully say What a Weekend!! It was all down to a really rather wonderful early birthday present from my mum.

As you may have gathered from some of my other posts, I love rugby. I love watching England games on TV and I love being at a live match even more, so my present was a day at the rugby, but not just a normal ticket, no no no…instead I got bought a hospitality ticket to watch Saracens take on Exeter in the Aviva Premiership.

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Ok, I’m a little behind with the topic of this post, but hey!

It was obviously Cece’s first fireworks night at the weekend and I had been wanting to take her to the Cranleigh bonfire. She is still very young and would not exactly appreciate the intricacies of the local Lions display. But I thought it would be fun to wrap her up, put her in the carrier and give it a go…I was prepared, I had got warm clothes, some boots and I had also bought some baby ear defenders, as I know she is not a big fan of loud noises and so thought that would solve that issue….oh yes I was ready for this!! However Cece was able to thwart my plan in one very simple move, she kept taking the ear defenders off. Literally within 10 seconds of putting them on her she pulled them straight off, I tried again and again off they came, I tried around 5 times but each time she just took them straight off again. I think she may have thought it was a funny game, like the throw everything on the floor when sitting in the high chair game. One which I have now thwarted with a simple piece of ribbon (genius I know).

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What a Weekend – 15 October


So there was a good side and a bad side to my weekend. The bad side was that Jon had to work, he is hating this as he does not get to see Cece or me, but he’s so busy and needs must.

The good side was that I got to see lots of my little one. On Friday when my mum dropped her off it was so lovely to see her little happy face, I had genuinely missed her. I knew I would but I was a little surprised at how much. It’s not that I don’t miss people, I do, but I am quite good at getting on with everything and not letting my emotions get in the way, but when I saw her I was literally like a kid at Christmas!

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What a BIG weekend – 8 October


For this blog entry I can truthfully say…wow what a weekend that was. I went to a hen party, and it was so much fun. It’s only the second hen party I’ve ever been to and I must say it did not disappoint.

My weekend basically started on Thursday this week, I drove up to Nottingham to see my friend, Madeleine, and we went out for a meal and a few drinks. It was so nice to see her and as per usual she took me to some very cool little places in her hometown. We had food at this bar called Hockley Arts Club, it had three levels each packed with character and style. The furniture was all mismatched, the walls were adorned with art and 60’s retro nik naks and there were numerous old fashioned lampshades dangling from the ceilings. It’s the kind of decor I think looks very cool, but could never recreate to the same level in my home without it looking a bit sad and rubbish. Oh well, that’s what going out is for. We had a cocktail there and some food. I loved the fact Maddy’s cocktail came with a little picture…a nice little memento of the night. A few more cocktails were drunk before heading home..I am apparently a bad influence!!

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What a Weekend – 1 October


My weekend was very much a tale of two halves, Saturday was spent chilling and enjoying a lazy day whilst Sunday was adrenaline filled and quite busy.

So Saturday, our little alarm clock woke us up at the usual 7am, Jon then had to do some work and then as it was quite miserable weather we decided to stay in and relax and even try and watch some TV!! Most mums (and dads) will know having a baby makes it quite hard to actually watch a whole programme, you’ll always be distracted/interrupted by noises or your LO requiring something. On Saturday though Cece was very happily playing in her new playpen, so we watched the first two episodes of the new Cold Feet. I watched bits of the old series and I remember finding some of it very funny but also thinking it was, at times, quite hard to watch. The characters lives were always so full of drama. Well it hasn’t changed, but there were some really funny bits. I especially liked the stuff about being a parent, I can so imagine me and Jon having some very similar situations!

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What a Weekend – 6 Aug


This weekend Brighton was awash with colour and music as the annual Pride festival took place. The sun was out and the rainbow flags were everywhere, proudly adorning shops and streets across the city. I absolutely love it, I went to Pride a couple of times when I was at university in Brighton and it was always a huge spectacle. Last year was my first one in years and it was again very memorable, but this time for a slightly different reason! It was the first day I woke up knowing I was pregnant…yep the night before was when Jon and I found out that our lives were set to change quite dramatically.

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What a Weekend – 28 July


Hello and welcome to the second instalment of ‘What a Weekend’, I had a nice weekend, there was a pagan experience, some delicious roast pork and a lot of time for reflection as my family went back to Eastbourne to scatter my grandma’s ashes.

My amazing grandma passed away with Alzheimer’s and dementia in September 2014, she had been living with dementia for many years and then a few years before passing away developed Alzheimer’s. It was terribly sad to watch a once vibrant and vivacious woman spend her days sitting staring out into the world, she could not do her favourite activities like reading or watching detective stories as she could not follow the plot. She could not remember how to knit and by the end she was too weak to walk, something she had always done on a daily basis, whether along the seafront in Eastbourne or to the local village when she moved to Surrey.

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