A Plastic problem


I do most of my shopping at Aldi and I think the products are brilliant, I do worry slightly that the producers may not be getting the best deals with them, but their adverts promise otherwise and where possible a lot of their food says its from England, so that helps with the whole food miles issue.

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I’m No Dryathlete


January…the month when people regret the extravagance of Christmas and go on a diet/ start a fitness regime/ stay in and save money and generally hibernate.

Some people also decide to take part in the Dryathlon for Cancer Research UK (CRUK).

I will admit from the start of this blog, I did not do that, but I did decide to try and give up the booze for most of January. Why not the whole thing you may ask? Well I still had a lot of chocolate and alcohol left in the house on January 1st and as Jon had an extra week off work, I said that we should enjoy our time together. So we did, we had a nice relaxing time watching films, going for lunch and meandering around, we ate and enjoyed a drink. However I did say from Monday 9th January I would try and abstain from the booze, I also pledged to cut out chocolate (which had been a staple part of my diet since December 19th)

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Portion Control


In a nation where people are getting fatter it seems how much we eat is just as important as what. The channel 4 programme Dispatches recently explored the governments new report to tackle child obesity, the show found Theresa May’s plan sadly lacking. Many of David Cameron’s original ideas had been dropped, including banning supermarkets from positioning unhealthy snacks and offers at the end of aisles, something I see daily and battle to ignore. They also touched on portion sizes and a professor revealed our plates and glasses have grown, the average dinner plate is now over a third larger than 20 years ago!

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An Increase in Hate Crime

hate crime

I am trying to make my blog a bit more structured, so each week I would like to have a post about something serious, whether that’s from a charity, community group or my views on something in the news.

So this is the first one and it is based on something in the news and an idea I had. I recently had to do a speed awareness course, I was caught doing 34 in a 30 zone – oops!! The course got me thinking why are there not more courses like this for other minor offences, apparently there is one for driving whilst on your mobile (which I think is so dangerous and far too common) but I thought, could this kind of thing work for hate crime?

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My thoughts on….breastfeeding


Oh the touchy subject of breastfeeding, this is a contentious one and my views may well veer onto the controversial side…but what the hell. I feel as someone who has now been breastfeeding my daughter for 3 months I am allowed to comment.

When people talk about breastfeeding there are usually two areas that come up the most:

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Baby on board

Baby on board

As I mentioned in a previous blog, for the last month Jon has been unwell with various mystery issues. It has meant at 8 months pregnant rather than him caring for me and me been the centre of everyone’s attention, I have been caring for him (something he has hated). However, I cannot say enough how wonderfully supportive our families and friends have been, offering help every step of the way. I would like to think this would have happened even if I had not been in the family way, but I imagine there has been more concern and more serious offers put forward because of it. It has got me thinking quite a lot about the ideas around being pregnant and whether we women deserve special treatment.

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