The Play That Goes Wrong, but is really very right!!


Last night I ventured back up to London to go and see a play, to be specific ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’

I has seen it advertised ages ago and when I saw a deal on Amazon thought why the hell not, so I bought tickets for January thinking it’d be something for my boyfriend and I to look forward to. I was right, even at the door there’s a joke to welcome you!

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A New Year doing the Timewarp!!


I have to admit I am one of those people who has grown to hate New Years Eve, the events on are always expensive or sold out months in advance. I am never organised enough to organise anything and my friends are either broke, working, in different cities or already have plans.

This year was also set to be different as the usual pint of vodka was firmly off the menu. As someone who does like a drink I was a little worried about this, I had enjoyed the odd glass of Prosecco over the Christmas period, but for me NYE has always been a night of fairly high alcohol consumption.

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