A wild birthday treat


For my birthday this year Jon bought me an incredible Safari experience and we really didn’t have to go very far…in fact it was just in Kent.

I love big cats and have been lucky enough to go to South Africa (SA) a few times and see them, I’ve stroked baby lions and had one sat on my lap, they are too cute. Sadly going all the way to SA was out of the question (way too expensive) however Jon found the next best thing and it was amazing.

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Ladyboys of Bangkok


Last week I went to go and watch the Ladyboys of Bangkok (LBOB). I remember going to see them years ago when I was at university in Brighton, so a long long time ago! One of my overriding memories is coming out feeling a little inadequate; the men performing on stage were more ladylike than me and had better figures!!

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The Fringe Festival

Fanti 1

I went into Brighton on Saturday with the express mission to have a look at the Fringe Festival line up with Jon. Even though I have lived in Brighton before when the festival was on I have actually never been, so this year that’s going to change…

Whilst at one of the many box office sites I was lucky enough to witness an amazing street performance, and when I say amazing, it really was jaw dropping! Fanti from Ghana took to the streets to demo their show. The four men were capable of some truly terrifying moves. One of them could get both feet behind his head, getting them there with a kick that looked oh so wrong. If that wasn’t enough was then put into a bowl, an actual bowl!!

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We Are Scientists


It would have been 2002, when I was young, single and carefree, that I first saw We Are Scientists, they were playing in some tiny bar in Brighton and my friend and I went to watch them. I remember we stood right at the front, drank far too much vodka and I may even have pretended to steal Keith’s guitar!

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The circus came to town!


You know it’s coming into the summer season when the circus’s start coming into town. A few years ago Jon and I went to a circus on a whim, we thought it’s a bit different and could be quite fun…it was fun and we said we would definitely go to one again.

So when I saw a deal on Groupon (I am addicted!!) I snapped it up, and last week we actually went, it was our first date night since Cece was born.

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What is Sukshma Marma?

ML - SM photo - Cropped

Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of Sukshma Marma and I imagine I was not in the minority. Although it dates back thousands of years and lives in the same family as acupuncture and EFT this type of Ayervedic treatment was only really rediscovered recently, as local practitioner Marek Lorys told me. Marek offers the treatment in his studio in Newhaven. I was lucky enough to be given a taster session and find out a little more about this ancient therapy.

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Simply Washing!

Washing Powder1

Washing powder review – Simply Washing

I have to say washing powder is not something I pay that much attention to, I usually buy whatever is on offer, for me it’s all about the fabric softener. Again I have no brand loyalty, I choose because of the smell, I want my clean clothes to smell great. It means I often pay very little attention to how clean the clothes come out.

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Daddy and Cece’s First trip out


Cecily loves to be taken out in her in her carrier, she falls asleep quickly and I guess feels safe, warm and cosy. We bought a second hand one from the local baby Facebook group, which I mentioned in a previous blog here. I said then I thought it would be good and it is, I can put her in it and wonder round the house or shops, and it is much more convenient than the buggy. Now I have used it I would I definitely recommend.

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Rugby baby


I love rugby, it’s the best game ever and at the moment we are slap bang in the middle of Six Nations, which England is winning yipeeeeee!!. As I don’t really support a league team, (not because I don’t want to but because matches are not on normal TV and I do not want to pay extortionate amounts for Sky Sports when I would only use it for rugby and because none of the ones I would support are exactly local – Bath and Exeter) it means that the Six Nations is a time when I get to watch lots of rugby.

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Everyone loves a holiday….I certainly do, and with a baby on the way I thought I had to take advantage of the last bit of just me and him time for a while. So for Christmas I bought my boyfriend a trip to Madrid, I had heard good things about it and, well, truthfully it was really quite cheap to get there!!

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