Catfish and The Bottlemen


Last week I went to a gig, this used to be a fairly regular thing, but since having a small person it’s become more of a treat, and this one I was very excited about!

I’ve really liked Catfish and the Bottlemen for a few years now. I’ve seen them go from a small band to huge, they are mainstream. So when I saw they were playing in Brighton at The Brighton Centre (lots of bands I like don’t ever venture down here….too near London I guess) I jumped at the chance! And it was a good idea, they were amazing.

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A very fancy night at 64 Degrees


I love watching Masterchef, I’ve not seen the final yet… so no spoilers! But it’s great, amateur chefs making the fanciest of things, half of which I think sound amazing and the other half I sit there and think no no and no.  I would be a useless judge, I don’t eat red meat, game, offal or mussels, oysters, clams etc and I always think the foams and puffs and emulsions are weird, they look pretty, but cant be anything filling. Oh and don’t get me started on squid ink…who discovered eating that and how can you want to eat something that’s black and basically used to scare off other animals!!! Seriously who sat there and thought wow that might be a good food flavouring?!?!

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Another goodbye…this time to SGP


I think it was 12 years ago, maybe more, that I first went to this small festival in Cambridgeshire. I worked at the PR company that represented it and it was the maybe the second time it had happened…it was all a long time ago and my ability to remember numbers is not brilliant!!

Anyway it was a small festival in Cambridgeshire, no one knew where it was until a few days before, when you were sent the postcode, that festival was The Secret Garden Party (SGP), yes at one stage it was really a secret!

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A day making glass things


For my first mothers day I was bought a day at a glass workshop in Brighton called the Little Beach Boutique. It was the perfect present for me as I love glass, and this gave me the opportunity to make my own unique glass things.

The workshop is held downstairs at the shop and well…for me it didn’t start brilliantly as I was late, but I am very pleased to report that was that was the only down point of the day and that was entirely my own fault.

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Foodies Festival 2017


I am a big foodie, I love it, if I had one of those metabolisms that let me eat whatever I wanted I would, cheese, bread, cake, creamy vegetable dishes, you name it and I will pretty much eat it. So for me Foodies Festival is part heaven part hell, which I will elaborate on later.

This year we decided to go along on the Saturday as it was supposed to be a nice day and we had no other plans. I did my usual and bought a special deal, if you are thinking of going to any of them in the future I would recommend signing up to the mailing list as they often send out 2-4-1 offers or half price ticket deals.

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New Years Eve


Well it’s safe to say that the way in which I bought in 2016 and the way in which I bought in 2017 were very different.

New Years Eve last year I was obviously pregnant and so going out and drinking was a no and at the time, as I was also suffering badly with hip and pelvic problems I could barely walk, so dancing was also off the agenda… This year Jon and I decided to make up for it by going out and drinking and dancing. We started off at Taste of Sahara for a delicious North African feast and then went to our friends house to see in 2017. We danced until 3:30 in the morning to some epic tunes (including George Michael- apparently it had to be done) and it’s safe to say Jon kicked off January with one hell of a hangover (I don’t really get them so managed to avoid the headache)

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What a Wicked Performance


I went to go and see Wicked during the week, and it was brilliant, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

If you don’t know the play is about the Wicked Witch of the West, a sort of precursor to Wizard of Oz. It tells the story of how she became the reviled character and her relationship with Glinda (with a Gerrrr) the good witch. It starts where the Wizard of Oz leaves off, the people are celebrating the demise of Wicked Witch of the West. The good witch is delivering the news, when someone asks her a question…weren’t you once friends with her?

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Preparing for parenthood with Parentskool

January 2016 Hove Class

Before I got pregnant with Cece, I can truthfully say I knew next to nothing about babies, I had probably only held new-born once or twice and if you had asked me about what they are like or what they need I could have given only the most basic of answers and that would have been wrong. I thought they cried all the time!

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Walking on Cars – Review


In my opinion Ireland has a colourful history when it comes to music, there are some brilliant Irish bands and some not so brilliant. The most obvious one, U2, well I am not their biggest fan, the whole last album being forced onto everyone’s iTunes made me hate them a little more, but you cannot deny they have some EPIC tunes (Sunday Bloody Sunday, With or without you etc. etc.) Then there’s Boyzone and Westlife, again not my cup of tea but they can’t be ignored. Then there are some ones I do like, Kodaline, Two Door Cinema Club, Snow Patrol, General Fiasco and occasionally I’m partial to The Script. Now there’s another band I can add to that list and that’s Walking on Cars.

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