Last night I did something that I didn’t really enjoy…I watched football, I thought I would get behind the national team, but it was a waste of my time, everyone’s time in fact!! The team (I can’t bring myself to say my team) lost to Iceland a country that apparently doesn’t have a premier league; their manager is a part time dentist (while ours was paid £3.5 million a year and their ranked 34th in the world behind Costa Rica (23rd) and the USA (31st).

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Father’s Day


So, as I cannot talk about Father’s Day (well I can) but I thought it would be much nicer to ask Jon to write a something for me. So here is his amazing entry….

Wow… So I have just had my first Father’s Day, and what a day it was, I had been told a few things by Charlie about what we were going to do but knew there were also a few surprises ahead.

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Come on England!!

Rugby family

So my little girl is here and as promised for her first rugby match she was dressed in her colours and England won, woohooo!!

So this Saturday we will once again be putting her in the England onsie, and Jon and I are also joining the fun.  Let’s hope this will be England’s good luck charm and they can bring home the Grand Slam.

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Quiet time…


I have been a little quiet on my blog recently and this has been down to one thing, illness…not mine but my partners. Jon has spent all of February ill, even ending up in hospital, it’s been a little stressful, to say the least.

The most annoying thing has been we still have no idea what’s wrong. The hospital department said it was a case of pericarditis and pneumonia, this was treated but the doctors could not identify what virus he had to cause it. Then the virus moved onto his joints and caused debilitating pain. Again doctors are stumped as to what the virus is and to make matters worse even the strongest painkillers (morphine) seemed to have very little effect. However he is now on some medication that works and we are hopeful his body is healing underneath as well.

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A different gig experience!


There was a time when I would go to, on average, a gig a week. Now I tend to go to one a month, I am not sure if this is because I have got a narrower taste in music or if it is because I am less likely to spend £10 on a random band I have never heard of simply because someone reviewed them and said they may sound like someone I love.

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