New Years Eve


Well it’s safe to say that the way in which I bought in 2016 and the way in which I bought in 2017 were very different.

New Years Eve last year I was obviously pregnant and so going out and drinking was a no and at the time, as I was also suffering badly with hip and pelvic problems I could barely walk, so dancing was also off the agenda… This year Jon and I decided to make up for it by going out and drinking and dancing. We started off at Taste of Sahara for a delicious North African feast and then went to our friends house to see in 2017. We danced until 3:30 in the morning to some epic tunes (including George Michael- apparently it had to be done) and it’s safe to say Jon kicked off January with one hell of a hangover (I don’t really get them so managed to avoid the headache)

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The First Christmas


I love Christmas; I have to admit I am a bit of a big kid and a little spoilt when it comes to Christmas. I like things to be done in a certain way, I like to have everyone to open their presents together in the morning with Prosecco and Christmas music. To have a later lunch and we must all wear the silly cracker hats. Then in the afternoon/ evening its all about watching rubbish Christmas TV and eating chocolate or maybe playing a game and eating chocolate. I like to really only have one meal and the rest of the day revolves around chocolate and cake…

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The grass is always greener!!


I recently went to my old work Christmas do, I don’t actually work there anymore but still was invited and thought it would be lovely to see a couple of people, say hello and catch up on how everything was going. The people at the charity had all been so lovely and as they invited me, despite the fact I had left, I decided to get up to London and show my face.

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Get silly for a serious cause


It’s Christmas Jumper Day!!! An official reason to wear a silly Christmas jumper (not that I really need an excuse). However, today wearing something festive and donating (which I have done) can actually do some good.

Christmas Jumper Day is a charity event set up by Save the Children. I was quite surprised to learn the first one was just four years ago in 2012, I guess that just goes to show how successful it is as it feels like it’s been going much longer.

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More than just Abu!


Recently I have found myself noticing the changes in Cece a lot more. I when I was not working and was with her all the time, I didn’t see the small changes, but now as I am seeing less of her (the guilt) they are obvious.

Things like….she has lots more hair, recognises her own reflection, is better at eating without making a lot of mess and one of the major things is how much her vocab is coming on. Before she would screech, make a few vowel sounds and usually go to a noise that sounded like she was blowing bubbles. It would usually happen as she was crawling somewhere, it was a determined noise. I would stand at one end of the corridor and she would crawl to me making these aaabbuuuuuu style sounds, it always made me think of the monkey in Aladdin and how he says his name.

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Ok, I’m a little behind with the topic of this post, but hey!

It was obviously Cece’s first fireworks night at the weekend and I had been wanting to take her to the Cranleigh bonfire. She is still very young and would not exactly appreciate the intricacies of the local Lions display. But I thought it would be fun to wrap her up, put her in the carrier and give it a go…I was prepared, I had got warm clothes, some boots and I had also bought some baby ear defenders, as I know she is not a big fan of loud noises and so thought that would solve that issue….oh yes I was ready for this!! However Cece was able to thwart my plan in one very simple move, she kept taking the ear defenders off. Literally within 10 seconds of putting them on her she pulled them straight off, I tried again and again off they came, I tried around 5 times but each time she just took them straight off again. I think she may have thought it was a funny game, like the throw everything on the floor when sitting in the high chair game. One which I have now thwarted with a simple piece of ribbon (genius I know).

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The Monitor!


Monitors, they are designed to help you look after your infant child. Nowadays they come with video monitors, heat sensors, two way radios, some play music and have night-lights. They are supposed to set your mind at rest knowing that if your child makes a noise or wakes and gets upset when they are in another room you will hear it and be able to attend to them quickly.

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Portion Control


In a nation where people are getting fatter it seems how much we eat is just as important as what. The channel 4 programme Dispatches recently explored the governments new report to tackle child obesity, the show found Theresa May’s plan sadly lacking. Many of David Cameron’s original ideas had been dropped, including banning supermarkets from positioning unhealthy snacks and offers at the end of aisles, something I see daily and battle to ignore. They also touched on portion sizes and a professor revealed our plates and glasses have grown, the average dinner plate is now over a third larger than 20 years ago!

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What a Wicked Performance


I went to go and see Wicked during the week, and it was brilliant, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

If you don’t know the play is about the Wicked Witch of the West, a sort of precursor to Wizard of Oz. It tells the story of how she became the reviled character and her relationship with Glinda (with a Gerrrr) the good witch. It starts where the Wizard of Oz leaves off, the people are celebrating the demise of Wicked Witch of the West. The good witch is delivering the news, when someone asks her a question…weren’t you once friends with her?

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The Work Dilemma


So last week has been a bit of a crazy blur after I got a temporary job. I applied not really thinking I would get it, but was told on the same day I was successful – hello a flood of different emotions.

  1. A mixture of surprise and confusion.

I have not worked in charity PR for almost a year now and thought they would definitely go for someone who had some more recent experience, but apparently not. I then thought maybe no one else applied – I was the only candidate, maybe there are not many people willing to only accept 4 weeks of work. Whatever the reasons, I had got it.

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