Happy Birthday!!


Yesterday was a big day; it was my little girl’s first birthday. At times I still find it hard to believe I even have a child, let alone a child that is now one year old, a one year old! It was 365 days ago that I was in hospital having her; there are times when it feels like just a few weeks ago and other times it feels like 5 years ago. Having her was one hell of an experience, but not one that I am not going to dwell on. No, what I am going to dwell on is Cece’s party, we wanted to do something nice for the day and so I planned a meal with the grandparents and then we all went to a soft play area. Jon had the day off, so we were able to spend it together as a family, which was (cheese alert) the best bit.

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Meeting some Fairtraders


As part of Fairtrade Fortnight I recently attended a talk about the subject in Brighton.  Hosted by education charity Think Global UK, it was a very enlightening evening and certainly fortified my opinion that Fairtrade is achieving some great things.

One of the speakers was Atif Choudhry, the director of Zaytoun and I had a quick chat  with him after the proceedings. Zaytoun is British Import Company that brings Palestinian products to the UK. They sell Olive Oil, dates, various local grains and almonds. Originally two local producers were due to speak about how Zaytoun and Fairtrade directly benefits them. Unfortunately the visas were denied last minute and so Atif had do his best to represent the in their absence (which he did very well).  I started by asking him to tell me about the situation in Palestine.

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Ready for a Dechox!!


A few weeks ago I was having a look around my local British Heart Foundation (BHF) charity shop when I saw a sign that caught my attention. The charity has a challenge – one I have never heard of, but was started in 2015 – and after not doing brilliantly at Dry January (I completely failed) I decided this one was for me.

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Fairtrade Fortnight


Today is the first day of Fairtrade Fortnight, the special awareness event aims to highlight Fairtrade and all its benefits.

I try to buy their products as much as possible, for example I only buy Fairtrade bananas, I like to use Fairtrade teabags and I have recently made more of an effort to buy Fairtrade sugar and even look out for Fairtrade alcohol.

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Car seat dilemma


I need to buy a new car seat as Cece has almost grown out of her current one. I went to have a look in Babies R Us and Halfords to see what is available. I will caveat this blog with the fact that I am on a bit of a budget; I don’t want it to be tight as this is my daughters safety -which is more important than anything else – however some of them are insanely expensive, over £300. They may last a number of years but that’s a little too much for us at the moment.

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What a Paris weekend


What a weekend, actually this time round I can say….what a nice long weekend. Jon and I went to Paris for a little holiday and it was just perfect, there was music, rugby, fine food, cheese, walking tours, culture and even a boat trip…seriously perfect!

Our trip was actually a Christmas from me to Jon (I have to say I feel slightly bad giving presents like this to Jon as – let’s be honest – they are also to me as well…but hey!) Our fun started on very early on Thursday, we had stayed with my mum and dropped LO off on Wednesday night and then got an early flight from Gatwick.

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Is teething to blame?


I cannot imagine how horrible teething must be, I know when I have a toothache it is painful and unpleasant, it certainly does not put me in the best of moods, so I can sympathise. I feel for Cece, especially at the moment as four of her top teeth are coming through, they have been for weeks now and it really can’t be fun. Maybe that’s why she has been a little more trying than usual!

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5 things about not being with Cece


I love my daughter (obviously) and enjoy spending time with her. However the last time she went to stay with the grandparents there were a few funny things I noticed I did not have to do or be aware of, so I thought I would compile a short list:

  • I can have my coasters in one place – One of Cece’s favourite things is a coaster, I am not sure why but she loves standing at our small coffee table, taking them off that and putting them on the floor. Often she will crawl away with one and at the end of the day I will invariably find one in her room, the bathroom or corridor.
  • I do not have to hide the remote control – Cece also loves a remote control and if someone is using it she will see it and reach out for it, then cry if she does not get it. So much so I have had to take the batteries out of one of the remotes and will then give it to her…not before I have pretended to use it though as she only wants it when someone else is using it! On the positive side she did figure out how to do something on the Sky remote that we had always used the other remote for!
  • I do not have to hide my phone – this is the same as above, Cece loves a phone and even though I bought her a toy iPad of her own if we are using ours her one is simply not good enough. Cece also manages to unlock our phones or get onto the camera, even when we thought it was locked. Jon recently picked his up to find it temporarily locked out and in Portuguese!
  • I can eat in peace – Cece loves all food at all times so if we are eating and she is not, well she is not happy. There are puppy dog style looks, slightly pathetic noises and if she can she will reach up and grab stuff off the plate
  • I can wear jewellery – if Cece is around then any necklaces or dangly earrings are a no, even bracelets are at risk. Cece loves a pretty piece of jewellery, she has already broken one of my necklaces, I almost had a ripped earlobe when I was wearing some and picked her up….could have ended in tears…mine!! Its just not worth the risk
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What a Weekend – 7 January


So this is my first what a weekend entry of 2017 and I can truthfully say What a Weekend!! It was all down to a really rather wonderful early birthday present from my mum.

As you may have gathered from some of my other posts, I love rugby. I love watching England games on TV and I love being at a live match even more, so my present was a day at the rugby, but not just a normal ticket, no no no…instead I got bought a hospitality ticket to watch Saracens take on Exeter in the Aviva Premiership.

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Walk like Cecily


This post had the potential to be written a long long time ago, as Cecily has been showing the signs of walking for months now. It was in Spain – back in September – that she started cruising around furniture, using it to support her as she stood up and bounced up and down. Her early attempts were wobbly and would often result in her bumping straight back down onto her bottom and occasionally her head – not great when the floors in Spain were concrete.

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