Potty training – one step forward and another one back

Princess Potty

Disclaimer…this is ones of those blogs that makes me sound mean, but also the reason I chose to write a blog in the first place. This is a topic, potty training. We started potty training when Cece was about two and a half. She is a very bright little thing who started talking early and could say very happily mummy I need a wee, so last summer I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll admit she may not have been entirely ready (and that seems to have come back to haunt me) but it was summer, so I thought it would be better and I hate nappies. They are bad for the environment, expensive and if I’m brutally honest look bad, I hate that bulgy look under shorts and dresses.

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The Disney Debate

IMG_1674 copy

Its been a very long time since I have posted anything, but these last few days I have felt the desire to get back to a bit of blogging.

The thing that has got me a little riled is what a certain Ms Keira Knightley said about banning her daughter from watching some Disney films….sorry but that’s just, well, I actually think it’s unfair.

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The world of a fussy eater!!


My little girl was very unwell recently and because of that I got to see what it would be like to have child that is a very very fussy eater, she basically stopped eating.

Cece usually eats most things, there are few things she will not try, instead she takes them in her hand and plays with them, or bats them away. There are some foods that she also spits out, for example cucumber, I have tried a few times to put it in her sandwiches and she managed to eat the bread but spit the half eaten cucumber back out again, gross but quite skillful.

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A mother’s instinct


I have heard many people talk about a mothers instinct, they say oh you just know when something is wrong, you feel your baby is not quite right. Their instinct tells them how to differentiate between the cry for I’m hungry and the cry for I want some love.

If I am entirely truthful I am not sure I ever really had that level of instinct. When Cece was a new-born I could sometimes differentiate between cries, but usually it was 50% guesswork and 50% learning through trial and error.

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At Nursery


Cece is now in Nursery one day a week, I dropped her off for her first full day today and have to say I found it a little emotional. This is, I suppose, a very normal motherly feeling to have – I don’t know why it still surprises me that I experience all these things. I guess I still think of myself as a tough cookie, who would never be a soppy mum who can’t bear to be apart from her little one. However there are times, like today, when I realise I am a bit like that! I know I will miss her and I feel sad to be giving her to someone else.

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First Mothers Day


Ok so this is another one that is a little late…actually very late but you know what they say…better late than never.

So I had my first Mothers Day this year, last year it was very early and I was still pregnant, so I’ve had to wait a while for this one …but, well, I certainly got spoilt and in fact I got two Mothers days!

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Happy Birthday!!


Yesterday was a big day; it was my little girl’s first birthday. At times I still find it hard to believe I even have a child, let alone a child that is now one year old, a one year old! It was 365 days ago that I was in hospital having her; there are times when it feels like just a few weeks ago and other times it feels like 5 years ago. Having her was one hell of an experience, but not one that I am not going to dwell on. No, what I am going to dwell on is Cece’s party, we wanted to do something nice for the day and so I planned a meal with the grandparents and then we all went to a soft play area. Jon had the day off, so we were able to spend it together as a family, which was (cheese alert) the best bit.

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Car seat dilemma


I need to buy a new car seat as Cece has almost grown out of her current one. I went to have a look in Babies R Us and Halfords to see what is available. I will caveat this blog with the fact that I am on a bit of a budget; I don’t want it to be tight as this is my daughters safety -which is more important than anything else – however some of them are insanely expensive, over £300. They may last a number of years but that’s a little too much for us at the moment.

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Things Cece does that make me smile


I feel over the last few blogs I have been a little on the negative side about being a mum…admittedly it is why I started the blog and well everyone needs a rant sometimes!

However in the interest of keeping things fair and ensuring everyone knows I am very fond (ok more than fond) LOVE my little girl to pieces I thought I would do a new list of things she does that make me smile

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Is teething to blame?


I cannot imagine how horrible teething must be, I know when I have a toothache it is painful and unpleasant, it certainly does not put me in the best of moods, so I can sympathise. I feel for Cece, especially at the moment as four of her top teeth are coming through, they have been for weeks now and it really can’t be fun. Maybe that’s why she has been a little more trying than usual!

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