Potty training – one step forward and another one back

Princess Potty

Disclaimer…this is ones of those blogs that makes me sound mean, but also the reason I chose to write a blog in the first place. This is a topic, potty training. We started potty training when Cece was about two and a half. She is a very bright little thing who started talking early and could say very happily mummy I need a wee, so last summer I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll admit she may not have been entirely ready (and that seems to have come back to haunt me) but it was summer, so I thought it would be better and I hate nappies. They are bad for the environment, expensive and if I’m brutally honest look bad, I hate that bulgy look under shorts and dresses.

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The Disney Debate

IMG_1674 copy

Its been a very long time since I have posted anything, but these last few days I have felt the desire to get back to a bit of blogging.

The thing that has got me a little riled is what a certain Ms Keira Knightley said about banning her daughter from watching some Disney films….sorry but that’s just, well, I actually think it’s unfair.

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A Plastic problem


I do most of my shopping at Aldi and I think the products are brilliant, I do worry slightly that the producers may not be getting the best deals with them, but their adverts promise otherwise and where possible a lot of their food says its from England, so that helps with the whole food miles issue.

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So squirmy


Changing a nappy should be fairly simple – it should take a few minutes and not cause issues. I know some babies hate it and will cry but Cece makes it really quite tricky in a different way.

I’m sure she is not alone but when trying to change a nappy or get her dressed/undressed she will not stop wiggling, rolling over and reaching to grab hold of stuff. I literally have to have one hand holding her down as I use the other to change her. Sometimes I think it’d be easier as a two-man job. She will always try to roll over, reach for something or try to sit up  on the table, then if she can’t…or when I stop her she’s gets annoyed, tries harder and then cries! I have to keep a plethora of toys and bits at the table to keep her distracted long enough while I sort the nappy (see picture). However when I am getting her dressed this causes issues as she is usually holding onto something and so you you cannot get a top on her….it really does makes what should be a simple thing last three times as long.

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Stand on the right!


This is a very short rant…I have been in London for 2 weeks now and I there is a group of people I can truthfully says I have not missed. Who are they?

They are the people who stand on the wrong side of the escalators! I think you get this issue everywhere, I have certainly been in shops in Brighton where it happens, but I can usually avoid them or simply ask the person politely to excuse me and they will move over, but in London (more specifically on the tube) you cannot avoid them and it seems whenever they are busy the whole stand on one side and walk down the other simply disappears.

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No such thing as too hot!!!


The sun is shining and I am so happy about that, but one thing that does not make me happy is how much people complain about the weather now we do finally have some sun.

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone saying “Oh it’s just too hot!” or “I can’t stand this heat” or something along those lines, I would…well probably have a spare £20…so yes not loads but it enough to make my blood boil…and much hotter than the weather.

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A week to rant – day 5


So I missed a day yesterday, but that is because I had one very hungry little girl to contend with, she barely left my breast, making it hard to spend any time at the computer! Apparently this is quite normal and is called cluster feeding, but it meant she was quite grumpy if she was not being fed and although I worked out what was wrong it is the perfect way to illustrate my next rant…not being able to speak baby.

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A week to rant – day 4


I don’t know if this applies to all babies but Cece is the noisiest baby…not when she’s awake, but when she’s asleep. I have to say it’s not something Jon and I were prepared for. When she goes down for a nap there is so much grunting, groaning and grizzling. The grunting tends to happen when she is trying to expel some wind, or maybe doing something else in her nappy. The grizzling is fairly continuous throughout the sleeps and it can get quite loud. It first started happening when she was about a week old and it is now rare for her to have a silent sleep. What’s even more upsetting though is the occasional screams and crying sessions, she’ll be fast asleep and then will start crying, it’s very difficult to watch/ listen to it happen and makes you wonder what in the world they could be dreaming about.

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A week to rant – day 3


Today my rant is something some people will understand, others not so much and that is because they do not own a three door car!

I love my car, I have only ever had Peugeots, but this one was the first one I picked all by myself, the rest were family hand me downs! I looked online, found one with very low mileage and paid for it myself. I got lots of advice from people but decided to buy what I wanted and so far so good. It’s been reliable and I’ve never had any complaints…. until now! It’s only a three door car and that makes getting Cece in and out a little tricky. It’s not impossible, but there is some manoeuvrability required.

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A week to rant – day 2


It’s day two of my week of ranting, well airing my views about certain baby related things. Today is all about people and pushchairs.

I have touched on this subject before and if I’m brutally honest (which I always try to be) I am a bit mean about this topic as I feel some pushchair pushers are….well quite pushy and rude. I hope I do not fall into that category, I don’t feel I rule the pavements now I have a pram but having it on a busy street does leave me feeling even more exasperated by walking around than it used too (and I have always found walking on busy streets frustrating).

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