About Me


Hi…I’m Charlie and I’m a first time mum, yikes!! I had my gorgeous little girl on the 8th March. I love her so much, however like many other parents to be I felt nervous about everything, but mainly I was worried about losing my independence. I never felt that maternal and panicked it would make me a bad mum. I wanted to share these feelings as I found some mummy blogs were mainly about how wonderful parenting is and did not really cover the “oh crap” feeling I seemed to be having!!

Now as a mum I’m quite laid back (in some ways) but also have some very strong and maybe quite strict ideas about how I want to raise my child…I do believe in the word NO!! So these pages will act as an outlet, a place to share my angle on parenting, my thoughts and feelings.

Rest assured though, it won’t be all about baby. I also used to work in charity and want to continue exploring the amazing work that goes on to help others, so community projects and big charity players will feature, as might a bizarre mix of my opinions, music, history, rugby, the occasional fitness fad and pretty shiny things. Add to that a  predilection for too much cake and chocolate and that kind of sums me up.

I live in Brighton with my rather amazing fiancé Jon and of course Cecily (she’s too young to live by herself). If you are feeling nosey and want to know more, want me to write about something, then get in contact and I may just (I will!!) answer your queries.