Time to lose weight

Its British summertime (so it’s still mainly cold and wet) but the sun is coming out occasionally and so  many women will be turning their attention to getting their bikini body. Well as a new mum I am exactly the same. I have been on a healthy eating kick for a few weeks now and am desperately trying to avoid tasty temptations, it’s really hard especially when its warm outside and all I want is an ice cream.

I have also upped the exercise, I loved running pre-pregnancy and have started again. I have reached 5km and feeling quite proud of that. I am also doing exercise classes (I tried Kettlebells recently and that almost killed me) plus I am doing plenty of walking.

Ironically though as a new mum, there’s another person’s weight on my mind the whole time and that’s Cece’s. While I worry about my weight decreasing, I also have to think about her weight going up. She recently got weighed and had not put on as much as the health worker was hoping. It’s the second time this has happened, but I guess as long as she does keep going up, which she is, then I’m doing something right.

Lets just hope the scales go in the right direction for both of us…right I’m off to tuck into a bowl of lettuce!!

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