Walking on Cars – Review


In my opinion Ireland has a colourful history when it comes to music, there are some brilliant Irish bands and some not so brilliant. The most obvious one, U2, well I am not their biggest fan, the whole last album being forced onto everyone’s iTunes made me hate them a little more, but you cannot deny they have some EPIC tunes (Sunday Bloody Sunday, With or without you etc. etc.) Then there’s Boyzone and Westlife, again not my cup of tea but they can’t be ignored. Then there are some ones I do like, Kodaline, Two Door Cinema Club, Snow Patrol, General Fiasco and occasionally I’m partial to The Script. Now there’s another band I can add to that list and that’s Walking on Cars.

They played in Brighton at Concorde2, the gig had to be moved from The Haunt as the venue was deemed to small, something which was confirmed by the fact they also sold out the larger venue.

The band came on stage quite unassumingly and launched straight into first track T’ick Tock’, the deep and slightly melancholic song filled the packed room and the audience got straight on with the task of joining in with the words. It was like this throughout the entire performance. Tracks like ‘Always Be With You’ and ‘Speeding Cars ‘were sung pretty much verbatim by large sections of the crowd.

During ‘Always Be With You’ the keyboard player Sorcha Durham joined in perfectly harmonising with lead singer Patrick Sheehy. I have to say I did expect to hear more from her, it seemed a little like they had forgotten to turn up the keyboard. However there were highlights for her including the pretend final track ‘Hand in Hand’. During this one the fast paced keys really bought the song to life. The band then walked off stage to rapturous applause before the crowd quickly started to cheer and stamp their feet encouraging them back on stage. The five piece then finished with ‘Flying High, Falling Low’ and obvious favourite ‘Catch Me If You Can’. The audience, a veritable pick and mix of ages, all seemed to know the words, joining in from start to finish. The band looked quite overwhelmed and genuinely pleased by the level of support.

I thought over all the set was really good, tracks like Love Backs Down (which they did hilariously screw up so have to start again) was a great demonstration of each persons talent, there was plenty of atmosphere provided by the ever present heartbeat of the drums as well as a haunting guitar solo. Even the lighting helped create feeling. There were some very cheesy pop sounding moments. I thought Patrick’s dancing round the stage and his hand movements during tracks like ‘Don’t Mind Me’ and the only one they played that was not on the album (sorry I did not catch the name) were all a little boy band, but I have to admit I still enjoyed it.

I think the only downside to Walking on Cars, who remind me slightly of Snow Patrol and Lifehouse, is that the tracks sound a little samey, but they are very easy to listen to and I think the newest Irish import might just have what it takes to make it big.

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