Mental Health Week

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This week has been mental health week. I love an awareness week, I work in charity so know it’s a chance to get some attention for a cause and raise awareness.  Mental health is certainly a subject a lot of people have an experience of so it’s obvious it would have a week dedicated to it!

Nowadays mental health issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD and more are no longer the taboos they once were. This is fantastic, it means those that are struggling with issues don’t feel the need to hide or cover those feelings up. People are happier to talk about their issues and ultimately seek the help and support they need. With celebrities like Fearne Cotton, Frankie  Bridge, Stacey Solomon, Stephen Fry even Prince Harry all speaking about their personal struggles…I think it’s empowering for many people. It helps them know there are others who struggle; have issues; are feeling down and have low mood. I applaud those people and think it is fantastic that we are living in a culture where people are not made to feel like they are weird, or wrong or like they should just pull themselves together.

However despite all that I have to admit when I saw the stats attached to this years awareness week I felt saddened and concerned for  the state of society. This year The Mental Health Foundation found 1 in 8 adults admit to having suicidal thoughts because of how they look. That’s so very sad, suicide is a very serious thing that has such far reaching consequences and something I think no one should ever take lightly. To even think about ending your life because of how you look to me does seem extreme. I feel almost ashamed that we live in a society where so much is hung on what you look like. I certainly have my own body image struggles, I often hate how I look, moan about my fine hair, my fat legs, the wrinkles on my face. I certainly feel down and annoyed but I would never want to take my own life. I guess that is just how you grab the media’s attention though and when you look at more stats it does become clear the majority of people are like me and not so extreme. Around body image:

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Catfish and The Bottlemen


Last week I went to a gig, this used to be a fairly regular thing, but since having a small person it’s become more of a treat, and this one I was very excited about!

I’ve really liked Catfish and the Bottlemen for a few years now. I’ve seen them go from a small band to huge, they are mainstream. So when I saw they were playing in Brighton at The Brighton Centre (lots of bands I like don’t ever venture down here….too near London I guess) I jumped at the chance! And it was a good idea, they were amazing.

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A very fancy night at 64 Degrees


I love watching Masterchef, I’ve not seen the final yet… so no spoilers! But it’s great, amateur chefs making the fanciest of things, half of which I think sound amazing and the other half I sit there and think no no and no.  I would be a useless judge, I don’t eat red meat, game, offal or mussels, oysters, clams etc and I always think the foams and puffs and emulsions are weird, they look pretty, but cant be anything filling. Oh and don’t get me started on squid ink…who discovered eating that and how can you want to eat something that’s black and basically used to scare off other animals!!! Seriously who sat there and thought wow that might be a good food flavouring?!?!

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Potty training – one step forward and another one back

Princess Potty

Disclaimer…this is ones of those blogs that makes me sound mean, but also the reason I chose to write a blog in the first place. This is a topic, potty training. We started potty training when Cece was about two and a half. She is a very bright little thing who started talking early and could say very happily mummy I need a wee, so last summer I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll admit she may not have been entirely ready (and that seems to have come back to haunt me) but it was summer, so I thought it would be better and I hate nappies. They are bad for the environment, expensive and if I’m brutally honest look bad, I hate that bulgy look under shorts and dresses.

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Anti-Bullying Week

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For the last few weeks my Instagram and Facebook page have been filled with messages about a subject I know well, bullying! That is because this week is the Anti-Bullying Alliances(ABA) Anti-Bullying Week.

Bullying is an awful and potentially life threatening action that affects not only young people but adults too. There are no official statistics for bullying, however in 2017-18 Childline claims 19,000 counselling sessions took place with children about bullying and stories about young people taking their own lives are sadly too frequent. Lately I have also seen more headlines about workplace bullying, MP John Bercow, retail tycoon Phillip Green have both been accused, a recent BMA report found 4 in 10 doctors experienced bullying at work…even Strictly Come Dancing has been plagued with the issue as Danny John Jules is said to have bullied his dance partner.

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The Disney Debate

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Its been a very long time since I have posted anything, but these last few days I have felt the desire to get back to a bit of blogging.

The thing that has got me a little riled is what a certain Ms Keira Knightley said about banning her daughter from watching some Disney films….sorry but that’s just, well, I actually think it’s unfair.

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Another goodbye…this time to SGP


I think it was 12 years ago, maybe more, that I first went to this small festival in Cambridgeshire. I worked at the PR company that represented it and it was the maybe the second time it had happened…it was all a long time ago and my ability to remember numbers is not brilliant!!

Anyway it was a small festival in Cambridgeshire, no one knew where it was until a few days before, when you were sent the postcode, that festival was The Secret Garden Party (SGP), yes at one stage it was really a secret!

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A day making glass things


For my first mothers day I was bought a day at a glass workshop in Brighton called the Little Beach Boutique. It was the perfect present for me as I love glass, and this gave me the opportunity to make my own unique glass things.

The workshop is held downstairs at the shop and well…for me it didn’t start brilliantly as I was late, but I am very pleased to report that was that was the only down point of the day and that was entirely my own fault.

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A Plastic problem


I do most of my shopping at Aldi and I think the products are brilliant, I do worry slightly that the producers may not be getting the best deals with them, but their adverts promise otherwise and where possible a lot of their food says its from England, so that helps with the whole food miles issue.

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